The Why Do You Do What You Do project, or WDYDWYD,  was established in 1999 and has since become an international collaborative photography project.

My interest in the project was sparked at Burning Man, and I have puzzled over ways to participate since my first burn in 2008. My work has a unifying purpose of bringing content from within the mind of a subject to his and/or her external form. The answer is obvious : tattoos.

For this purpose I am now accepting participants for my WDYDWYD Tattoo Project.
Participants are asked to spend time committing to a personal and strong answer to the question. 

Participants may submit answers in their own handwriting, or request a simple typeface such as Courier. Selected participants will then receive a tattoo of their answer and be featured in my body of work. 

I work in a clean and professional environment at Kitchens' Ink Tattoo in Denver, Colorado. Examples of my tattoo work can be seen on tumblr. Other participants in the project can be seen below and on the WDYDWYD website.
To participate please email me.

Participants will be charged our shop minimum for the cost of supplies.
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