existing imagery

if you want your tattoo to be a duplication of an existing image,

i may or may not be the person for the job.


i will not duplicate an existing contemporary tattoo - e.g. someone's sleeve from pinterest, work posted by another artist on social media.  i specialize in custom work.


if you want to reproduce a piece of art that is public domain or pop culture, that's a little different. memes, video game stuff, classical artwork, album covers, old school tattoo flash etc. are usually fair game. these are also great reference material.

if you want to replicate the work of a living artist

i need you pay that person. i have worked with designs by kelly johnsondionne marshall, and hebrew-tattoos.com

i would love to tattoo any designs commissioned by cass jerman , zoe rayor, or pseudo manitou. contact them to get started. 

there are exceptions to this, like cartoon characters, web comics, memes, etc. - i am mostly referring to independent designers & illustrators. 

here's some pop culture stuff that i like:

katamari, final fantasy, sonic, classic nintendo, miyazaki/ghibli films, steven universe, indy video games, tons of comics, bioshock.. will update..

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