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currently i work part time and as a guest artist in denver. i will post last minute openings on instagram stories :)

hi! please read everything that relates to your tattoo project. this will save us time and set clear expectations about the work that i am offering.

i can take on projects that have a clear direction. please know what you want tattooed, and where.

i am prioritizing predrawn images. this option  reduces the amount of negotiation and wait time. also, you know what you'll get ahead of time! 

with CUSTOM projects-

what helps me most is seeing images of work that i've done, photos from life (of animals, plants, etc subject matter) or art in other media (paintings, printmaking). hearing no is good for me too. if a suggestion doesn't hit home, a decisive no helps the process along. your drawings, however crude, help a lot too. the worse , the better honestly! it’s not usually necessary to send me tattoos by other people - as this limits what unique images i’m able to create for you.

here’s some stuff i like doin’


consider : mood, scale, and style. i work from photo references of animals. i have a good collection, and i love to see more cool photos of animals ✨


plants are really intuitive and easy for me. i love always learning more about plants. the bigger the better!


large work takes priority. i love lettering that is large, conceptual, experimental. i have a lot of ideas for projects here, & welcome yours as well. the content is your choice. if you want a small text tattoo, consider getting it in the same session as a larger tattoo.  


i like learning about geometric methods and concepts, so you get bonus points if you can teach me something about geometry. these clients brought in unique ideas for me to incorporate.


i'd like to do some black n grey or etching portraits, anything graphic/experimental. most interested in : science, politics, classic painting/sculpture, activism, history, mythology, monster dudes, comics, anime, HANDS


blackwork, blackout, dotwork, blastover, illustrative, comic book, video games, witchy, occult, books, medical, teeth, glitch, experimental tattooing, nerd stuff, tools, ropes, chains, filler. i am really interested in tattooing people with pigmentation differences such as vitiligo, albinism, piebald syndrome.

you've made it through the first part :)

if you want any of these tattoos:

-predrawn (pick from my images)

-custom (you tell me what to design)

-your design (you bring me an image that’s ready to go)

continue here:

details about my rates and deposit policy

check out information about design process to proceed.

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