During the week of March 12th-18th, 2013, I spent a week in Denver artist Adam Milner's bedroom and studio, drawing a twenty page comic based on assumptions about his life. His description of the program can be found here.

This inevitably involved exploring aspects of his life, my personal experiences at play in forming these ideas, and a physical exploration (in this case, his attic.)

The result is twenty pages of pen and ink drawings, a second installment of the Assumptions About Adam Milner series. These new short stories focus on gender, food, adventure, New York, and the strange feeling of closeness and distance created by living in the space of another artist.

I have a renewed faith in the merit of doing one project obsessively, for a continual amount of time. Multitasking promises more productivity than it delivers.

New printed books will be available at an upcoming Denver event, stay tuned.

The bathtub at the residency was beautiful in a way that I wanted to capture with more than photography.

To do this, I reworked used materials to investigate the tub's surface.

This opportunity had many unexpected results in my thoughts on process, location, materials, and ownership. These are some of the themes held in common between our two art making practices, and a realm of thought that I consider to be a great success for the residency. 

Thank you to Adam Milner, Xi Zhang, Derrick Velasquez, & Don Fodness. 

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