what are you lookin' for?

i want a predrawn design

information on designs that i have ready to go 

i want an email consultation

for custom work within my style/interests. if you have a clear idea of what you want & where, let's get rollin'. 

i want something tiny

consider getting a predrawn design and also getting your small design at the same appointment. keep an eye out for "small tattoo days" where i'll open my books for little simple designs for a few days :)

i want an existing image by somebody else

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i want an in-person consultation

to keep down the wait time for new appointments, i am trying to do fewer consultations in person - though this may be necessary for projects with special placement, scale, etc. with a clear idea in mind, you can often get the important info to me via email.

i want a preview

sorry, but here's why that won't happen.

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