i want to see a preview

previews are not part of what i am offering.

there are plenty of tattooists who are glad to send you images ahead of time, and you can totally get work from those people. typically i will think about a project ahead of time and start with small sketches, then usually create the whole design the night before i start a project.

my goal is to work withclients who know what they want, and like the design choices that i make. then we are both confident that i will make choices that you like. this is how my best work happens - everyone is different.

i find that sending images via email can create a lot of miscommunication, as artistic vocabulary can vary from person to person.

that being said, there is time at each appointment to negotiate details and changes. if we are unable to reach an agreement at the time of your appointment (this is rare) we have the option to reschedule to make bigger changes. 

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