tattoo faq & about

who, what?

liz greeen, rmcad gratuate, tinkerer, maker, tattooist since 2009.


i work at dead letter in aurora.


If you would like to get tattooed, click here.

my consultations happen primarily over email, though there are some exceptions. 

then i'll take a deposit to confirm your appointment. for more information on the design process, click here.

your design will be about ready on the day of your appointment. we can make minor changes like size, position, etc together at your appointment. if you require major changes (overall content/idea, totally different body part, very different color scheme etc.) we may reschedule your appointment. you always have the option to do this! though it may require a new deposit, depending on the situation.


my proposal form is updated with the days of the week that I am working.

my instagram is updated with last minute availability and predrawn designs :)

the longest you'll wait for an email response is two weeks, but usually it's less time than that!


i charge $200/hour for tattoo time. I do not charge for set-up time, consultation, or drawing time. my minimum is $200 for all tattoos.

what's up with the deposit?

your deposit is subtracted from the price of your tattoo.

this secures your appointment time and covers the time spent collecting resources and beginning your design.

under certain circumstances, such as a no-call/no-show at your scheduled time, i will retain your deposit. reschedule appointment with at least 48 hours notice or forfeit your deposit.

all deposits are non-refundable.

how do i prepare for my tattoo?

rest and eat well before your appointment.

stay stoked! the more you want your tattoo, the less it will hurt.

shower. don't come in with a hangover. wear clothes that allow easy access to your tattoo's location. if you need ideas, feel free to ask me!

check out my aftercare page and stock up.

what's your favorite thing to tattoo?

imagery of hands, books, houses, nature, plants, animals, monsters, characters, mythology, large simple imagery, classical imagery, large scale typography, altered and experimental typography, comic book style, blackwork, likework/etching, dotwork/stippling/pointillism, painty/inky lines, abstract/nonrepresentational, patterning and geometry, illustration, & scientific themes,  to name a few. 

i have a folder of reference and pre-drawn images that I would like to tattoo - please ask about this if you are interested!

will you tattoo my hand/neck/face?

i would love to! finger tattoos are some of my favorite things. 

however, i require that to get a tattoo in an area like this, my client already has heavy tattoo coverage. these tattoos require extra work for application and aftercare and i want you to be ready for the responsibility.

you gotta earn it. further opinions on the topic are addressed in this salty interview with Dan Bythewood.

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