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who, what?

liz greeen, rmcad gratuate, tinkerer, maker, tattooist since 2009.


i work at keepsake studio in colorado.


If you would like to get tattooed, click here.

We will either schedule a consultation where we set your appointment, or set your appointment over email.

I will then collect a deposit and begin designing your tattoo.

For more information on the design process, click here.

Your design will be ready on the day of your appointment. Any necessary adjustments are made on that day. I never rush. :)


my proposal form is updated with the days of the week that I am working.

my instagram is updated with what month/s for which I am scheduling. 

projects where I am given the most trust and creative freedom are prioritized on my timeline.

if you have filled out a  proposal and if I am able to tackle your project, you will hear back from me within two weeks.


i charge $180/hour for tattoo time. I do not charge for set-up time, consultation, or drawing time. my minimum is $150 for all tattoos.

what's up with the deposit?

your deposit is subtracted from the price of your tattoo.

this secures your appointment time and covers the time spent collecting resources and beginning your design.

under certain circumstances, such as a no-call/no-show at your scheduled time, i will retain your deposit. reschedule appointment with at least 48 hours notice or forfeit your deposit.

all deposits are non-refundable.

how do i prepare for my tattoo?

rest and eat well before your appointment.

stay stoked! the more you want your tattoo, the less it will hurt.

shower. don't come in with a hangover. wear clothes that allow easy access to your tattoo's location.

check out my aftercare page and stock up.

what's your favorite thing to tattoo? least favorite?

imagery of hands, books, houses, nature, plants, animals, monsters, characters, mythology, large simple imagery, classical imagery, large scale typography, altered and experimental typography, comic book style, blackwork, likework/etching, dotwork/stippling/pointillism, painty/inky lines, abstract/nonrepresentational, patterning and geometry, obsessive small detail, illustration, & scientific themes,  to name a few. 

i have a folder of reference and pre-drawn images that I would like to tattoo - please ask about this if you are interested!

i really don't like to do landscapes and/or mountains. I have certainly done several landscape/mountain tattoos that I really love, but I am no longer accepting projects that focus on mountains. 

will you tattoo my hand/neck/face?

i would love to! finger tattoos are some of my favorite things. 

however, i require that to get a tattoo in an area like this, my client already has heavy tattoo coverage. these tattoos require extra work for application and aftercare and i want you to be ready for the responsibility.

you gotta earn it. further opinions on the topic are addressed in this salty interview with Dan Bythewood.

[tattoo by Dr. Woo]

Can you do this?

[tattoo by Lisa Orth]

How about this?

Sorry, no. These  artists are excellent and if you would like to get tattooed in their style, you should get tattooed by them. I would love to tattoo stuff like this.

what is cultural appropriation?

Easy answer: Cultural appropriation is something that I will not willingly/knowingly participate in with my work.

Long answer: Cultural appropriation is borrowing/stealing imagery and subject matter from cultures that are not your own. This can be subtle or overt and is something that happens very frequently in tattooing without the express knowledge of the client or artist.  I do not want to make money with decision-making that is rooted in casual racism. This is a topic that I love to discuss as I know that my perception of this topic is based on a very narrow lived experience and I love to learn. A more in-depth description is found here.

some subject matter that i am hesitant to tattoo:

-hebrew or symbolism from judaism

-anything in another language that you do not speak/read

-buddha, buddhist imagery

-veves, anything relating to voodoo/Vodou

-anything emulating tribal/aboriginal/native styles

some subject matter that i will never tattoo:

-native american caricatures/headdresses 

[of course the rules are 100% different for indigenous clients)

-swastikas [i respect the reclaim the swastika movement though i do not participate in it]

-anything that uses a religion or culture's imagery disrespectfully

why do you emphasize being lgbtq+ friendly? why does your consent form ask me if i'm suffering from homophobia?

Tattooing has not always been an industry that is openly friendly to minorities, women, and queer folk. It's certainly getting better all the time, and I have been involved in tattooing at a very opportune time in history. As a queer feminist I am proud to have a safe space for my clients regardless of their orientation, body type, gender identity, etc.

If you're suffering from homophobia [and it is a suffering, indeed] then I'd like to know ahead of time so I can kindly ask you to fuck right off. :) 

i'm not sure what i want. can you draw for me until i like what i see? // can i see my drawing ahead of time? 

This is not a part of my normal design process.

The subject matter and location of your tattoo is your choice.

Ideally my clients come to me because they already want to collect my work and trust my decision making. However! I am now offering an extended design process if you have requirements outside of my standard design process

why is it like that?

-Tattoo artists are all independent contractors. 

-The most rewarding use of my time is when you like what I make, and you come to me so that I can make some of it for you. 

-Paying for an extended design process also gives you options to change your mind or request a new design without feeling guilty.

my last artist sucked. you look like you're really good! tattoo me!

Thank you and no! This approach totally freaks me out! Even a great tattoo can suck if you've had a bad experience. If you approach a tattoo negatively, you're going to have a bad time. If you ever feel like your tattooist isn't the right fit, pay them for their time and bail. I don't participate in negativity towards other artists.

i haven't gotten a reply to my email? 

I receive a lot of emails and I respond to 90% of them. Most often I will let emails collect for a whole week and then spend a few hours replying to all of them at once. The faster I receive your replies and the more freedom I am given with a project, the faster I am able to respond. If I receive multiple paragraphs of information from you, or if you are asking questions that are answered here in the FAQ, my reply will be much slower. Unfortunately I am not available for long personal conversations over email, though I look forward to those in person.

If we have an appointment set and you do not hear from me ahead of time, nothing is wrong. I look forward to tattooing you. :)  If you need to reschedule, please call Old Larimer Street Tattoo (303) 296-0447.

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