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Standard Design Process

Please start by reading my FAQ & filling out this form.

When I have received to your request, I will be in touch with you within two weeks if our ideas have a shared aim & I am able to accommodate your project.

You can choose to go straight to an appointment or schedule a consultation. When a tattoo appointment is set, I will take a $100 deposit to secure your appointment time.

All deposits are non-refundable.

This price is taken off of the final hour of your tattoo project*.


If your project requires an in-person consultation (or if you would like to have one), we will schedule a time to sit and talk for approximately half an hour. During this time we will look at reference images and take measurements. I may draw on you or on paper at this time. This can be a really fun time to hang out and tell stories, get to know each other, etc. 

I recommend a consultation if I you are looking for your first tattoo.

After our consultation it is unlikely that I will contact you ahead of time, so don't think that I have forgotten about you. :) I will certainly be thinking of your tattoo up until our appointment. 

Standard consultations are free.

If you are comfortable with my style and decision-making, I can often design your tattoo without an in-person consultation. 

Gimme some key words like "spooky raven with bold outlines". When you show up for your appointment I may have references or sketches ready, and in some cases completed drawings. Your design will be tailored to fit your body with re-sizing and by drawing directly on you with marker. I am not available to show you drawings ahead of time in this process.

Can I see?

I will never email images ahead of time. Doing so causes a lot of miscommunication, as a digital communication often does. If you need to see a completed image ahead of time, I may not be the right artist for you. But...

Extended Design Process

This is an option for clients who 

  • need a lot of time to think about the design of their tattoos
  • need a lot of communication outside of the scope of my standard design process, including emails that are over 3 paragraphs long
  • would like to see a completed image ahead of time
  • need to majorly revise my designs or their ideas after the process has begun
  • require a second consultation
  • require design or research outside of the normal scope of my design process

If you are still sure that I'm the guy for you, we can meet up for a second time before your tattoo appointment. You will be charged an additional $50 for each meeting that is needed outside of the normal design process. 


If you need to reschedule, please contact me at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

For short term cancellations, please call Old Larimer Street Tattoo, 303.296.0447

*Your deposit is void if:

  • You reschedule less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment
  • You do not show up for your appointment
  • You are 30+ minutes late to your appointment
  • You request that your tattoo design be majorly redesigned (see Extended Design Process above)


Check out my instagram for predrawn ideas, and things that I'm interested in tattooing. 

I am entirely willing to discuss the details of this process and come to a compromise based on the individual needs of your project. 

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